Are you struggling to communicate your feelings with your partner? Is your connection waning? Do you wonder if you are well-matched?

Finding meaningful connections and relationships is one of life’s greatest joys. Strong relationships can help us increase a deep sense of emotional well-being and provide stability and happiness in our lives. They provide us with someone with whom to share life’s pleasures and challenges. 

But, as you know, not all relationships work out, and some decline rapidly. With this guide, perhaps you can identify the 6 signs that your relationship is headed for trouble and address them before your relationship is beyond repair.

6 Signs That Your Relationship Is Headed For Trouble

1. You Don’t Feel A Connection

One of the biggest signs that your relationship is not working? The emotional connection is broken. You may feel a lack of closeness or depth of feeling. Conversations about the things that matter don’t seem to happen with your partner anymore.

Healthy relationships include a deep sense of acceptance and belonging. In addition, open sharing about thoughts, feelings, and opinions help keep a connection strong. If your communication is shallow and emotional distance is growing, trouble may lie ahead.  

2. Intimacy Is Fizzling Out

Another relationship red flag is a decline in physical desire and intimacy. Does either of you feel that your needs are not being met? Have you given up on asking for more from each other physically?

Sexual compatibility is important in a committed union. Maintaining intimacy with your partner is a priority. When it wanes, both partners need to address the matter sooner rather than later. 

3. The Trust Isn’t There

Perhaps you or your partner has a difficult relationship past, or there is a reason between you for trust to be broken. To continue on without trust is unlikely to be healthy or enjoyable. If you cannot regain such a foundational part of your relationship, it is likely to fracture slowly and break down over time. Without trust, you cannot create a safe place that allows for vulnerability and deeper connection. 

4. Your Goals, Values, and/or Morals Don’t Line Up

You can be deeply in love, but you are headed for difficult times if you don’t have critical conversations about character qualities, spiritual matters, life goals, and hopes for the future. Early on, these conversations parse out whether you’re both on the same relationship page. To overlook fundamental differences is problematic. Harmony, when it comes to core values, supports a mutually satisfying approach to your life together and how you determine what matters most. 

5. You Have Someone Else on Your Mind

Do you fantasize about being single or with someone else? Is someone else persistently more interesting or exciting to you? If so, you may need to think hard about your commitment to the relationship. If your partner is no longer your priority, then it is best to talk about your dissatisfaction. Be clear and honest before serious emotional damage is done. 

6. You Just Can’t See Eye To Eye on Much of Anything

If you struggle to agree on big things and small, basic things, then this can also be a troubling sign. Being in a relationship is about compromise and respect for differing opinions.  If this is not happening routinely, you may need to ask why. Consider counseling with an objective party.


No relationship runs smoothly all of the time. However, it is important to look out for warning signs and red flags. Let’s give your relationship needs a closer look together. Couples counseling can help you determine if you are in need of communication skills reinforcement, conflict resolution support, or even help to come to grips with significant incompatibility. Qualified couples therapy makes a difference. Please reach out soon for a consultation.