Adult Counseling

services-images-adult-counseling-large2 Our clinicians’ are committed to supporting clients in achieving their goals, increasing awareness and self-care and leading healthy, happy, and mentally FIT®™ lives. Walking alongside you witnessing your courage and growth is a gift we are honored to receive.
Individual Counseling – Our clinicians’ believe that our client’s are the experts in their lives. We utilize a collaborative, supportive approach to the counseling relationship.
  •   RATE – $150 +

Parent Consultations –  We offer parent-consultations which are offered to assist parents through a child-related concern. These are typically limited to 1-4 sessions.

  •  RATE – $200 +

Group Counseling -Through group counseling, clients receive support from other group members who often have similar experiences. Group counseling also provides an opportunity for individuals to regain hope through the experiences and growth of fellow group members. All members are pre-screened for Group participation to ensure Group is the approach form of therapy for the client. We currently offer a Divorce Support Group, Women’s Support Group among others. Please complete the registration form if you are interested in being contacted about joining a Group.

  •  RATE – Prices Varies

Couples Counseling –  We work with couples who are in various stages of emotional connectedness to enrich positive affectionate bonds.

  •  RATE – $200+

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The path to a healthier, happier life begins with self-care. We are here to support you on your journey to wellness.