Some people really love the single life. Other people really don’t. If you’re someone who really doesn’t like being single, this life can get pretty hard. Especially if all of your friends and family are coupled up, inviting you to weddings, and leaving you out of the “double dates.”

Being in a healthy relationship has its perks, but being single can be healthy too! There are a ton of benefits to being single. You can enjoy more time for yourself, call the shots for yourself, and discover multiple opportunities for personal growth.

Still, if single life feels rough, here are six strategies you can use to find your satisfaction:

6 Strategies for A Satisfying Single Life

1. Cultivate Non-Romantic Relationships

Couples usually split their time betweenman and woman sitting outside of door their partner and their friends. They might even have to negotiate time with friends that their partner doesn’t like. Fortunately, as a single person, you don’t have that problem.

You have as much time as you need and allow yourself to really dig into all of your platonic relationships. You can get to know your friends like your coupled friends can’t. Take this opportunity to get some one-on-one time with your best friend. Maybe they can even travel with you! Or, you can go out for a night on the town without having to worry about a curfew.

2. Embrace Self-Discovery

Self-discovery while single is a special journey. You can take it without having to consider, explain to, or negotiate with a partner. There’s no partner to interrupt or influence you while you’re taking a quiet moment to better understand yourself. Take this time as an opportunity. Test out a new hobby or interest.

Also, develop your self-awareness through mindfulness practices like journaling and yoga. Figure out your “thing” or passion. Expand your thoughts on current events, long-held beliefs, or societal issues. Think deeply and understand how you feel and why. You can also use breathing exercises and meditation.

A perk of being single is the space to do internal work before you get into a committed relationship. This can make future connections more fulfilling.

3. Set Standards

Since you’re single, you can go ahead and set your standards. Need somebody in your life who can deal with your hectic work schedule? Set that standard now. Are you the kind of person who is unwilling to tolerate jealous behavior? Mark that down too.

Use this period of singleness to consider what you want in a partner. After that? Don’t compromise. You know what you want. Take it, and don’t settle. You’re that awesome.

4. Travel

Traveling is a lot cheaper for just one person. The good news is you can still get the romantic views, the luscious rooms, and you get the entire bar to yourself. Not all bad, right? You also have the opportunity to go wherever you want. Literally, the world is your oyster.

Couples have to decide on a mutual location and reach compromises about vacation activities and arrangements. As a smoking hot single person, you can make all of these decisions with just one person in mind–You! Like we said above, you get to call all the shots.

5. Learn New Things

As with traveling, you can use your single-hood to explore new things as well as new locations. Couples usually need to navigate learning something new alongside their partner’s schedules. Guess who doesn’t have that problem? That’s right–you!

Who cares if that baking class happens at 2 a.m. because it’s happening in a different time zone? As long as you can make it work, that’s all that matters! You can also use this activity as a way to further your understanding of yourself. Learn what you like, what you love, and what you can’t stand.

6. Get Help When Needed

If you feel like the single life is bringing you down, and you start feeling helpless, worthless, or depressed, talk to a therapist. Certified therapists can help you work through your feelings. They’re valid, and they’re complicated. You don’t have to suffer or work through this alone.

In fact, you can even learn to like being alone. Therapy is a proven way to keep your mental health secure and your goals clear. We can help you find coping strategies that fit your lifestyle. If you’re feeling lonely or disappointed by your singleness, please reach out for help. We’re here to support you. You and your mental health are worth the effort.