Last year was fraught with unprecedented uncertainty and upheaval. Now, a lot of that anxiety may feel baked into the upcoming months. In fact, the idea of actually starting fresh may feel frustratingly out of reach, no matter how many times you sing “Auld Lange Syne.”

So, what can you do? Is there some way to overcome your anxiety? Is it really possible to relieve yourself of last year’s and resolve your way into a less stressful and more fulfilling life?

Yes! You can combat fear, worry, and tension with confidence and calm. Use your resolutions to formulate a 3-prong plan to Help You Overcome Anxiety and Start Fresh

3 Resolutions to Help You Overcome Anxiety and Start Fresh

1. Resolve to accept yourself, others, and your circumstances unconditionally.

Accept yourself

Unconditionally accepting yourself is not about boosting your self-esteem or accomplishing more. Those things are performance-based. You are worthy of love, self-compassion, and loving-kindness whether you succeed or fail. Resolve to treat yourself kindly. Promise to affirm your own existence. Appreciate the body that houses your uniquely gifted mind.

Overcome Anxiety and Start Fresh

Accept all of those imperfect people

Allowing people their humanity and messiness can be a huge relief. This way, you release yourself from the ideas of how someone “should be” or what they “should do” to make you happy.

Then, forgiveness and moving on become easier. Toxic relationships are left behind with less drama. Valuable relationships become deeper and more meaningful.

Of course, this isn’t easy. The help of an objective, supportive therapist can ease the way.

Accept the ups and downs

Good times come and go. That is the only certainty in life. Accepting setbacks, however unexpected, inexplicable, or unfair, is an important part of soothing anxiety.

Furthermore, it’s important to resist the urge to avoid your fears. They only fester out-of-sight. Give up procrastinating, worrying, or resisting change. Try to link arms with trusted loved ones and face the future. Challenge the idea that you are ill-equipped to stand strong. 

Most of all, cope well with discomfort and distress with mindfulness. Practice being present and make the most of each moment. It is all you can control.

2. Resolve to be an assertive, cooperative problem-solver.

Unfortunately, anxiety can give way to reactivity and isolation. If you have a lot of worry accompanying you into the new year, remember that you aren’t alone. You can satisfyingly interact and connect, regardless of pandemic restrictions and personal differences.

How? Resolve to face your anxiety with less negativity, judgment, and anger. Practice the following this year:

  • Establish firm personal boundaries and limits for yourself and your relationships.
  • Be slower to react and leave room for opinions other than your own.
  • Choose your responses. Prioritize communication and relationships.
  • Stay curious and open to new people, experiences, and approaches to old problems.

3. Resolve to prioritize self-care intentionally, specifically, and routinely.

Embrace physical and mental healthcare

Your body and mind deserve your attention. Early detection and early prevention are crucial. If you feel physical or emotional pain, don’t deny yourself care.

Move your body

Studies repeatedly show the value of exercise as an antidote to anxiety. Racing thoughts and pent up nervous energy are often discharged effectively by physical activity. You may find that your body and mind respond well to long walks, Yoga or Pilates, and other activities like dancing, swimming, or biking. 

Overcome Anxiety and Start Fresh

Reflect and relax

Anxiety is exhausting. Be gentle with yourself and take time to listen to your thoughts. Journal your triggers, insights, and goals. Tap into your faith. Regularly take time to breathe deeply, meditate, and relax. 

Reset and Refresh with Confidence and Support

Counseling for anxiety can greatly enrich your life and support your goals for calm and peace. Safe, compassionate guidance is a calming reminder that you don’t have to go it alone. There is no shame in support. You deserve the best new year you can have. You are worthy of anxiety treatment that helps you overcome your new year concerns.  Please reach out today. Let us help you reset, refresh, and thrive.