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We've created a variety of groups to help you on your journey to wellness and a healthier, happier life.

GIRL TALK is a safe space for high school aged Girls to build relationships and confidence. It is a support group where girls can discuss challenges and gain skills to navigate High School and Teen years.

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Space is LIMITED

As adults, you’ve decided to separate (or divorce). You may be wondering how to protect and prepare your child(ren) to navigate this difficult family change. Divorce can be a disruptive time-period in a child’s life. However, with the appropriate support, Kids in Transition ® can emerge unscathed, happy and well-adjusted. You may have concerns about how to talk to the kids about all the changes that coming. You might notice that your child is having a hard time and has begun to “act out” or express anger or rebellion.

We are here to help you and your child(ren) navigate this transition. We offer both individual and group support for children and adults.

Our Kids in Transition ® individual and group services can provide a safe space for your child to talk about the changes in the family, learn to appropriately express their feelings about the changes, developing positive coping skills and regain a sense of belonginess.

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