How do you know if you’re really ready to start dating?

It is a question worth asking. It’s important to have a clear idea of why it’s important to you. The process can be fun and exciting. But it can also shed some light on your own needs and inspire some self-examination.

The following pointers may help determine your dating readiness:

Dating Readiness Tip #1:

Your sense of self-worth is well established.

This is the first step to determine whether you are ready to date. Whether you are a teen on the verge of dating for the first time or recently divorced and getting “back out there,” knowing and loving yourself first is crucial.

You are most likely to involve yourself with people that respect you and honor your time together. If you wrestle with low self-esteem you are at risk for entering into controlling, predatory, or otherwise problematic relationships.

Expecting another person to know how to love you when you don’t know what you need can lead to unhappy consequences. Knowing your worth. Establish boundaries for yourself and your interactions and hold to them. If you struggle here, but dating on the back burner and meet with a therapist who can help you heal and grow personally first.

Nervous When Dating

Dating Readiness Tip #2:

You are open to communicating openly.

Are you comfortable being honest and authentic? Listening well and effectively articulating your feelings are the keys to successful relationships of any kind. Understanding, empathy, conflict management, and relationship repair are communication skills that foster depth of understanding and connection. Ask yourself if you communicate well. Are there signs that this is a skill you’ve mastered or has listening, sharing, and building trust been a struggle? Consider whether your current communications skills need work or support dating right now.

Dating Readiness Tip #3:

You’re prepared to partner well.

When you are sure you understand yourself, communication, and the value of boundaries, you are likely more prepared to be a helpful and engaged partner. Healthy interactions and relationships require compassion, compromise, and a willingness to meet the needs of the other person. If you are fine with the give and take of building a connection dating will be an enjoyable process. Intimacy develops from a steady progression of openness and support of each other. If you find that you resist or resent sharing, accommodating, or being vulnerable, it might be best to hold off on dating until you meet more of your own needs.

Dating Readiness Tip #4:

You are well aware of the safety concerns.

Dating, in this tech age, carries a wealth of dangers and red flags to consider. Don’t let your dating enthusiasm (or your excitement for a specific person) override your personal safety. If you are seeking online romance adhere to the guidelines.

Remember that trust must be earned and tested over time. Go slow and pay attention to any hint of manipulation, disrespect, or other unhealthy behaviors. Establishing safety rules to prevent unnecessary risk, violence, or emotional pain.

Dating Readiness Tip #5:

You have dating encouragers, relationship supporters, and healthy guidance.

Embrace your community of trusted family and friends. It’s often helpful to seek the input of people that know and care about your venture into dating. Furthermore, consider counseling for support too.

Dating therapy? Absolutely! The truth is relationships are hard work. The phases and foundations of healthy interaction aren’t something we’re born with. They may not even be something you even grew up with. So, why not benefit from the tools and help of a safe, nonjudgemental counselor? A therapist will help you along the way.

If you are ready to move forward in your dating journey, please read more about relationship therapy. Contact us soon for a consultation.