Restore your connection and revive your relationship with Couples Counseling. 

Do You Feel Your Relationship Is Falling Apart? 

Has the affection and intimacy faded in your relationship?
Do you find it hard to communicate with your partner?
Do you and your partner argue constantly?
Have you or your partner begun to withdraw from the relationship?

It can be painful and isolating when you feel there’s a strain in your relationship or marriage, especially when you’ve been experiencing these negative feelings for quite some time.

For so long you and your partner have been in the honeymoon phase, a time where you rarely experienced any arguments and if you did they were resolved quickly. The energy always seemed to be positive and you didn’t think that would ever change. But, things that would never impact your relationship before are starting to put a strain on your relationship now. You’re experiencing new problems and you and your partner can’t seem to figure out how to navigate them. Arguments are happening more frequently leaving you feeling unheard, the intimacy has faded making you feel unwanted, and the lack of communication can leave you questioning whether something is wrong with you, your partner, or if the relationship can be saved. While these problems may seem like the end of the road, it doesn’t have to be. It is possible to learn how to address and resolve what’s going on in your relationship so you can get back to the love  you once had. 

All Relationship Has Its Highs and Lows


Couples Counseling can help you get your relationship back on trackEvery relationship experiences bumps in the road. It’s not uncommon and almost inevitable, because as you continue to evolve and grow as a person the way you express love and expect to receive love are likely to change. No matter how much you love one another, you and your partner won’t always see eye to eye on everything. You all could bump heads when it comes to finances, your career, the kids, family, or just everyday life. Maybe you feel your relationship is pretty good with the exception of certain patterns or behaviors that you notice have been repetitive.

Many couples facing obstacles tend to show it simply by shutting down. They get tired of arguing and disagreeing so much so that they rather keep their feelings bottled up, which only continues to build the tension they’ve been feeling. Without communication, you and your partner are left guessing what each of you are upset about or how to address it. This can in turn lead to distancing yourself from one another, infidelity, and even divorce.

The good news, however, is with the help of FIT counselors specialized in couples counseling, you can identify what  the root of the problems you both are facing are and learn how to deal with them head on so you can have the healthy and happy relationship you once had.

Couples Counseling Can Help You Get Your Relationship Back on Track

 All couples face challenges, and many of the counselors at Friends In Transition Counseling have addressed and helped deal with these issues. Regardless of how big or small you consider your problems to be or if it started last week or last year, we are here to help you learn how to overcome it.

Here at Friends In Transition Counseling, we have counselors who specialize in helping you get your relationship back on track. Our main goal is to help you dismantle communication barriers and restore trust and compassion in the relationship. Overtime, relationships may begin to lose their intimacy. We help you to identify the dysfunctional patterns and disrupt them, to lead to healthier and more fulfilling lives together. 


Couples Counseling Can Help You Get Your Relationship Back on Track

Each couple is different, there can be a variety of ways to help restore the relationship. We use Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) to explore the deeper emotions that are causing negative cycles between partners and not allowing them to meet one another’s attachment needs. We also infuse The Gottman Method to cease negative verbal communication patterns and increase respect and appreciation. Not only do we focus on the couple relationship, but we find it helpful to explore previous relationship patterns, whether influenced by family or society, that are contributing to the difficulties in the relationship. It is important to understand how the past is influencing the present, and then help the couple build a vision for the future that they want together. Whether you are just beginning your lives as one, have been together for a while, or deciding if you are ready to take the next step, Friends in Transition can help with all of your needs.

But You May Still Have Questions About If Couples Counseling is For You

What if my spouse doesn’t feel like we need to go to therapy? 

It’s not uncommon for your spouse to be hesitant to come to therapy, a place where they will have to open up and express feelings they haven’t even felt comfortable sharing with you or other loved ones. However, if they want to make the relationship work as much as you do, hopefully they’d be willing to put in the work.

I think we need Couples Counseling, but what if it’s too expensive?

We like for our clients to think of therapy as an investment. Couples Therapy is a tool to help you rebuild your relationship with the goal that it will last a lifetime. With therapy you will not only be able to address your current problems but learn the best strategy and approaches to take to ensure that you know how to handle any issues moving forward.  

What if therapy doesn’t work? 

If you know that you are struggling in your relationship, putting off a possible solution to solve your problems won’t make it any better. During Couples Therapy you’re going to address some the challenges and issues you’ve been facing so you can improve your relationship.

You Can Revive Your Relationship

 If you would like to schedule a consultation or discuss any questions you may have regarding couples counseling, contact us today.

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