Do any of these resonate with you?

Do You Feel Stressed, Overwhelmed, or Tired?

  • You are tired of being the responsible one
  • You are the problem-solver and go to person…and you don’t always feel like you have people YOU can go to
  • You work in spaces where you aren’t appreciated or acknowledged
  • You are constantly giving (your time, resources, energy) and your cup is depleted yet your plate is full 
  • You feel bad when you say no so you say yes to things that deplete you

If these sound true for you, I want you to know that you might be feeling overworked,  busy, misused and misunderstood, you aren’t alone. You deserve a space where you get to be loved on, cared for and centered.

Self-care is liberation. You cannot serve others from an empty cup. 

Sister Circle for Black Women

Helping Black women professionals who struggle with being nurturers for everyone and find themselves depleted, stressed, overwhelmed and undervalued. This group is designed to be a healing space with other Black women to reclaim Joy and rest.

It’s hard being the ONLY one in spaces where your Blackness and womanhood aren’t honored. 

Most people who join the Sister Circle for Black Women do so because they’ve struggled with finding  time for themselves and it’s been hard to identify safe  spaces. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe constantly being pulled in different directions. Or it’s been hard to identify where you can go and be seen, heard and understood without having to worry about being tone policed or code switching. 

Navigating daily microaggressions and feeling mindfully tired of the weight, you may feel like life is exhausting.

Sister Circle for Black Women can help you center yourself, give you a safe space to be your whole self, and be seen and heard. It’s possible to feel better.

Imagine a life where you could Rest. Recenter. Reclaim Joy.

Sister Circle for Black Women helps you rise above your challenges and start moving towards your ideal life with less sadness and more joy

You will get the Community you need to prioritize yourself so you can take care of you and Give yourself permission to take up space and rest on purpose. .

Even if you are not usually comfortable opening up to people, Sister Circle for Black Women may be able to help.

As a Black professional woman, I’ve helped create space for Black women to be seen. I also understand the importance of creating a space that is free of labor and encourages Black women to be free, curious and still. I am intentional about creating a collaborative environment that honors the whole Black woman…all of her is valued here.

My name is Vanessa Banks  and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Professional Black Women and I facilitate  Sister Circle, a  Support Group for Black Women. 

How Black Women Sister Circle Works

 Black Women Sister Circle consists of weekly 50-minute group sessions that help you work through your concerns and share space with other Black women. In addition to listening, I will guide you towards solutions and help you learn to trust yourself as the expert in your life. , I play an active role. Here’s how it will work step-by-step:

  1. First, I provide a safe, accepting space so that you will feel comfortable sharing your struggles with me and other group members.

  2. Through hearing your story, we will create healing circles of confirmation and affirmation.


  3. We will start with helping you name your experiences so that they have a place to rest outside your body.


  4. We will also work to discover what your goals are in therapy and in this phase of your life.


  5. Keeping your unique goals in mind, we’ll work together to create space for them to exist in your world.


  6. Over the course of our sessions, you will begin to gain a sense of community with the other Sisters in the group.

Research shows that Black Women Sister Circle can positively change your thinking, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. It can help you let go of what’s holding you back.

Let’s Get Started Today

Ready to start feeling better? If you feel Finding time and safe spaces, Sister Circle for Black women could help.

Start now and be in a healing space with other Black women. Reclaim Joy. Schedule a phone call with our Director of Client Care to ensure the group is a good fit for you. If the group is a good fit then you will have a 30-minute consultation with your therapist prior to beginning the group..

Schedule an appointment using the form below or call us at 301-661-3481.