Administrative Team

Administrative Team

Dr. Ajita M. Robinson

Founder & Clinical Director

Welcome I feel privileged to lead a team of highly skilled and sought after Mental Health Clinicians. As the Clinical Director, I wear a lot of hats. Most importantly, I take pride in ensuring that every client we serve is treated with respect and dignity.

You may be reaching out for support for a variety of reasons, not limited to: 

  • You may be experiencing stress (at home, school, work, etc).
  • You may have recently experienced a loss (death, job loss, moved to a new state, divorce/separation, etc).
  • You might have a child who is having a hard time adjusting to a new school (or grade, or a change in the family) and you’re not sure how to support him/her/they.
  • You may be having difficulty in your relationship.
  • You LOVE your job, but you find yourself feeling burned out and overwhelmed.
  • You experienced abuse or a traumatic experience (in the present or past) that is impacting your life
  • You are a mental health professional and are experiencing compassion fatigue

There are a variety of life transitions that you may experience that could benefit from the support of a therapist. Congratulations on taking this step.

What can you expect? 

You can expect to be accepted, supported and understood without judgment. I strive to create a safe space for all of my clients. I will honor your beliefs and values. I will rely on your expertise (and lived experience) to develop goals that are realistic and aligned with your desired outcome.

Where I’ve been…

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