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Jenna Ferri,LCPC

Hi, I’m Jenna. And I am so glad you’re here. I offer online, individual psychotherapy to individuals age 16+ of all gender identities across the state of Maryland.

Many clients who seek help from me are often struggling with depression, anxiety, perfectionistic tendencies, and navigating difficult interpersonal and family relationships. My clients often wish that they could feel “good enough” and maintain healthy relationships with others without feeling as though they are “burning both ends of the candle.” I am dedicated to helping you make healthy and positive changes in your relationships with others, your relationship with your environment, and most importantly — the relationship you have with yourself.

Professional Background

I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology as well as my Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Towson University in Towson, MD. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Maryland, and I am also an Approved Supervisor through the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors. My previous work experience includes working in multiple inpatient hospital settings on behavioral health units, an outpatient mental health agency, as well as private practice. I hold certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT+) and the Instinctual Trauma Response (ITR) Method, and am Internal Family Systems (IFS) trained and informed.

My Journey To Becoming a Clinical Mental Health Intern

My own growth through personal life struggles is what helps me relate so deeply with clients. As someone who grew up in a challenging family dynamic myself, I am passionate about helping others to identify the things (and people) in their life that feed their soul as well as those that are no longer serving them. I understand what it is like to have difficulty with trusting myself and my own feelings, and to experience the strength and freedom that comes from finding your voice. Growing up, I witnessed many people in my life who struggled with mental health concerns and did not get the care they needed and could have benefitted from. I now have the privilege of utilizing therapy for myself, as well as a vehicle to help other people heal.

My Life Experiences are What Lead Me to Become the Therapist I Am Today

Helping people is a gift to others, but also to myself. Being a therapist is an honor. I love helping people become healthier and more empowered, and witnessing them achieve more fulfilling lives. The most rewarding thing about being a therapist is extending hope when people feel hopeless.

In our sessions together, you can expect to receive empathy, compassion, respect as an individual, and non-judgmental acceptance.
I have a natural ability to:

  • Help people identify what they are feeling,
  • Uncover what’s under the surface
  • Sense what other people may be thinking and feeling, and
  • Inspire hope for getting better.

People who know me often say that I am a good listener who can help people feel seen, heard, and understood.

Our Sessions Are Focused On You
Our sessions together will provide you with the space to be understood and heard. It’s important to me to create safety within session and stay open to any feedback and questions you may have. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to therapy. Our sessions will fit your specific needs and concerns, and the process will remain collaborative.

As A Therapist, I Embrace The Following Philosophies

  • I believe that you are worthy of love and care.
  • I believe that emotions heal when they are witnessed and validated in the presence of an other.
  • I believe that therapy should address the person as a whole – their mind, body, and spirit.
  • I believe that taking care of yourself is the most generous thing you can do for the world.
  • I believe that we can stop feeling shame when we share our story with someone who can hear it with empathy and understanding.

Let’s Discover How I can Help

Clients who come to me for help often express wanting to find their true selves, enjoy their relationships with others, and be able to live more in the moment and enjoy it. Send me an e-mail at where you can share what’s going on for you and we can explore how I can help.

Email me today at I would be honored to help you with getting started on your healing journey.

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