Whether you’ve been together for one year or five, sometimes we lose our connection with our partner. This doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship. With some work and patience, you can reconnect and continue having the healthy, happy relationship you want. 

That said, it takes time to re-establish a connection, but it’s very possible. You can make 2022  the year you rediscover why you fell in love with each other. It doesn’t have to take up an entire day, either. There are small ways to show your affection that you can employ every day.

8 Everyday Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner

With these everyday ways to reestablish your romantic connection, you can rediscover your partner and reignite the spark.

1. Leave a note

Sharing positivity through small notes is an easy way to show affection for your partner. You can leave them on their steering wheel or put something on the bathroom mirror. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. A simple “I see you,” or, “Thinking of you” can brighten your partner’s day. 

2. Share gratitude

Whenever you’re sitting together for coffee or dinner, take a moment to appreciate each other. Share a story of a time you were grateful for your partner. On busier days, shoot your gratitude message in a text message. Showing appreciation for each other and various aspects of your shared life is a solid way to reconnect and it can come with a bonus trip down memory lane. 

3. Learn something new

Exploring new hobbies together is a great way to practice teamwork and learn something new about each other. Because it’s new for both of you, it’s a low-pressure situation.  As a result, you’re more likely to enjoy one another’s company. With the availability of online classes, you and your partner can learn anything from photography to cooking or dancing. 

 4. Laugh together

 It’s important to be silly with each other sometimes.   Laughing actually creates similar brain chemicals to   bonding and romance. This kind of time with your   partner can help close any distance you might be feeling. Playing board games or watching a favorite comedian together are good options. 

5. Give a compliment

Complimenting your partner is a nice way to let them know you still desire them. Everyone wants to feel like their partner is attracted to them, so this can be an especially important way of connecting. The best part is that you can do it any time during the day through text or on your way out the door to work. 

6. Check in daily  

Pillow talk is another easy way to connect with your significant other. Of course, if you’d rather talk on the couch, that’s fine. As long as you take a little time each day to just talk. Checking in at the end of each day lets your partner know you want to be involved in their life. It’s an opportunity to get a better understanding of any feelings of frustration or a way to celebrate their wins for the day. 

7. Take space

While you’re working on reconnecting with your partner, it’s important to still give yourself space to be you. Otherwise, you can risk creating a co-dependent relationship, and that’s unsustainable. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re making time for the things you like doing by yourself, whether it’s reading or video games. 

8. Ask for help

If you feel like you’re struggling to connect with each other, it’s okay to seek help. A professional therapist can help you talk through what you’re missing. We can recommend some other ways you can reconnect that will work with your lifestyle. Couple’s therapy doesn’t need to wait until your relationship is in danger. It’s for healthy couples too.