We live in a world of fake news, deep fakes, and artificial intelligence. Who we may seem to depend on the actions of bots and algorithms. How can we stay in touch with our authentic selves in such a climate? Where is the path to dignity? Has self-respect become a relative term?

Indeed, things have changed — and keep changing. But root values like authenticity, dignity, and self-respect can and must endure. As you move forward in your life, it is essential that you develop your individuality and your flexibility. You’ll need those two characters to keep it real. Here are suggestions and ideas to get you started in that direction.

6 Strategies for Fostering Authenticity, Dignity, and Self-Respect


  1. Limit Your Online Time

When you’ve got your eyes glued to a screen, it gets mighty hard to stay true to yourself. You are subjected to conscious efforts to shape and persuade you. It’s not wise to assume you’re immune to such pervasive conditioning. Instead, actively reduce your device time and give your mind a chance to interact with the real world.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

Dwelling in the past, you will only find regret and guilt. When you focus solely on the future, your mindset is one of anxiety. Only in the present moment can you discover clarity. Clarity is precisely what you need to connect with your most authentic self. Mindfulness and awareness can begin with practices like meditation and breathing exercises.


  1. Resist Online Drama

Never read the comments. This sage advice will save you from many an undignified moment on a wide range of platforms. Limit your screen time (see #1 above). Even when you are online, detach yourself from the relentless drama. It is a time waster and will never serve your better self.

  1. Help Others

Take every opportunity you can to be kind and generous to those within your reach. It’s good for your heart, soul, spirit, and body. By helping others, you will learn more than you’ve ever imagined about yourself. Carry yourself with dignity based on humility, not arrogance.


  1. Practice Self-Care

You can remind yourself — each and every day — that you deserve attention and love. You are worth the effort and attention. Your daily self-care regimen can contain basic elements like:

  • Creating regular sleep patterns
  • Making healthy eating choices
  • Staying physically active
  • Developing stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Connecting with people who treat you with respect
  1. Set, Enforce, and Respect Boundaries

Everyone — every single person — has the right to set their own boundaries. You get to decide how you live in this world. And you also have the right to enforce those boundaries — even if that upsets others. Conversely, a person brimming with self-respect will work hard to honor the boundaries of the people in their life.

When You Feel You Need Some Grounding

Our current reality is dominated by frenetic factors like smartphones, social media, political divisions, and yes… a global pandemic and related lockdowns. It’s never been harder to stay grounded and real. Please remember, a big part of authenticity, dignity, and self-respect is being able to ask for help. Reaching out to a skilled therapist is a proven path toward the integrity you want and crave.

Anxiety therapy sessions can serve as a refuge from rampant overstimulation. It’s where you can start reconnecting to your core values. You can learn to define your personal needs. If you feel you are at the mercy of outside stimuli, let’s talk soon. Let’s set up a free and confidential consultation and get you on the road to a life of authenticity, dignity, and self-respect.