At Friends In Transition (FIT), LLC  Counseling Services, we understand that our clients often come to us when they are often in very vulnerable spaces in their life. We feel honored to work with clients on their journey to wellness. We work with clients who are experiencing a variety of challenges, including divorce, the loss of of loved one, relocation, co-parenting related stress, depression, anxiety and a variety of other challenges. We believe that client's are ultimately the experts in their lives. We honor their experiences and incorporate those interests and gifts into the wellness services that we offer. Our goal, with every client we have the privilege to serve, is to assist clients in RELEASING (suffering, pain, or burdens), RESTORING (wellness, joy, peace, stability, etc). and RENEWING (their sense of self).  

Our team of therapists are committed to assisting clients with making meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. 

Our clinicians are trained in a variety of approaches (CBT, EMDR, DBT, Expressive Techniques, Trauma Informed Care, etc) and pay special attention to clients' creativity, spirituality, diversity and values.

Thank you in advance for trusting US with YOU!


We Offer a Variety of Services



  • Workshops for Parents & Professionals
  • Community Speaking Engagements
  • Mediation Services
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